A smiling Captain Jeff aboard his boat The Life idling in the water.
OUR 29' SeaRay

Welcome Aboard The Life

“Wouldn't that be The Life?”

-Kenny Chesney

Our boat is named for the last words in Kenny Chesney’s classic story song “The Life.” His powerful story about contentment and finding purpose outside of the corporate ladder is exactly what inspired us to found Escape Charters. There’s no better way to commemorate that than by naming our boat after this moving message, and that spirit is exactly what we seek to bring to our customers on every excursion!

So what is The Life like? Get acquainted with an all-around champion: Our 29′ Sea Ray is geared for incredible stability, comfort and handling, meaning it’s sure to win you over. First-rate performance goes hand-in-hand with an engine as smooth and quiet as it is powerful. Category-leading space, plush seating, and Sea Ray’s legendary attention to detail make this yacht ideal for impressing you with its all-day comfort. So whether you are looking for an exciting adventure, just catching up with loved ones, or simply basking in the sun’s golden rays, The Life is the perfect boat for your day on the water.

The Life slowly moving against deep blue-green water.

Our luxurious amenities include:

29' Sea Ray with Spacious Seating
Front to back, relax in comfort and style.
Premium Audio
Enjoy our island playlists or bring your own.
Comfort & Shade
Get out of the sun under our Bimini shades.
Full Marine Bathroom
When you need to go, we have you covered.
2 Fresh Water Showers
Rinse off the saltwater after your swim.
Nighttime Lighting
The party can continue well into the night.
Free Gear for Activities
Snorkeling, shelling, and hangout floats.
Insulated Cups & Coolers
Keep your food cold and drinks colder.
Complimentary Drinks & Snacks
Refreshments provided, or bring your own.

Meet Captain Jeff

As a true native of Sarasota, Captain Jeff developed an unwavering love for the open waters at a young age. With this lifelong passion for the ocean, along with a wealth of experience in boating, he has become a highly skilled captain who can navigate the intricate waterways off the Sarasota coast with ease.

Jeff left the corporate grind behind for the water, where he can bring the same exceptional service he provided to companies like Delta Faucet, Eli Lilly, and Rolls Royce to you. His friendly demeanor, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence is now evident in every charter he leads. 

Whether you are seeking a relaxing sunset cruise, an exciting boating adventure, or a luxurious sightseeing tour of the coast, Captain Jeff is grateful to be your guide. Welcome aboard!

A Word From Our Captain

Sharing my passion for boating and the beautiful waters of Sarasota with you is a dream come true for me. My goal with The Life is to bring a little bit more relaxation and happiness to your life as you and your friends and family escape your daily grind to have some fun in the sun with us!

-Captain Jeff

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